Our manifesto on the changing world of early careers
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Featuring Kiya Taylor (EVP) and Nick Zeltzer (CEFC), Gigs from Lyka and Mantel Group + One Minute Hustle with Thanh Du (Founder & CEO of Oss)
Featuring a guest piece by Stef Safahi (Head of Comms @ Folklore Ventures) & Sally Krebs (Founder @ Arli), Gigs from Airtree Ventures + a One Minute Huโ€ฆ
Featuring a guest piece by Yaniv Bernstein (Advisor & Executive Coach + ex-Airtasker COO) + roles from Steppen & Performl + a One Minute Hustle with Piโ€ฆ
ft. Em Casey, "medicine defector" and founder of What the Health, Gigs from Simply Wall Street & TeachFlows, and a 1MH with Andrew Wetherell (CEO of Alโ€ฆ
Featuring interviews with Rockson Chan, Alisha Doring & James Pan, Gigs from Elker & Airwallex, and a 1MH with Sharon Sheah (Founder @ Nimbly)
feat. Sean Stuart (Investment Analyst @ Aura Group) + roles from Canva, Forage, Finder, TEN13, and EQL + a One Minute Hustle with Hannah Neep
Plus roles from Deputy, Vow, Pulley (YC startup) + an interview with Ivy Cheung (Growth @ Forage)
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