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August 2022

Ex VC-backed founder Allen Liao shares the the not glamorous reality of being a startup founder.
Steppen Product Manager, Ryan Van, breaks down his career and explains the differences between Marketing and Product.
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July 2022

Consultants turned Atlassian PMs break down what makes the roles different
4 powerful heuristics that Max Marchione uses to navigate career uncertainty

June 2022

Launching our Between Work directory with AfterWork to help laid-off tech talent find great roles faster
Isaac Joshi uncovers the underlying reasons why we often spend time on the wrong things
Bear market survival tips for tech & startup operators, from Albert Patajo
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How product manager Vihan Ramanayake used side project learnings to land and get ahead in his first startup role
A no-bullshit guide going behind the curtain on how to navigate early VC conversations from Kath Han (Square Peg)

May 2022

Airtasker’s former COO Yaniv Bernstein explains what the heck happens when startups grow up